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Park Run Raises Nearly £3,000

What a tremendous start for the BigBillChipIn

Our target for all fundraising to the 1 April 2018 is £30K, so the efforts of our runners in September.

I'm grateful for all the support I've had over the last few months - but there’s still more to do.

The money we're raising is to reboot the reserves of the church and the Telegraph Hill Centre. These were decimated by the need for a new heating system. Rebooting our reserves allows us to carry on doing great stuff in the community - spiritual, social, emotional, creative & physical.

The time to give is now. The church & the Centre need your help.

It’s time to bring in the harvest.

Come and join the Harvest Thanksgiving service at St Catherine on Sunday 1 October at 10am.

It’s a family friendly service with live bluegrass music from The Umbrella Birds.

Maybe you are a bread, jam or chutney maker? A cake baker? Or have some home grown veggies to sell?

There will be a mega Homegrown Homemade Stall during coffee time after the service. All the proceeds will go to the Telegraph Hill Centre/St Catherine's Church Fundraising Appeal.

Do come along. Everyone is welcome.


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A Word Of Welcome


£2,900 raised in our £30k campaign
Anyone want to round it to £3,000?



Grenfell Tower

Why the parish church helped so quickly

Take time to read this powerful article about the power of the parish church in the community, and how it brought hope and real help in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower.

Rev Alan Everett, the vicar of St Mark, Notting Dale urges us to “speak proudly, precisely, and powerfully of the parish church. It is a living icon of God’s love, connecting with people in ways that we hardly begin to understand and so often underestimate.”

Please also continue to keep the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in your thoughts. Prayers for the victims can be found here.

You may also find some comfort in Sheridan’s sermon from November 2015, written in the wake of the Paris attacks. You can read the sermon here.

Welcome to our church

We are a warm and friendly church with a really diverse congregation in every way imaginable.

We are very local – linked with a myriad of things in this community. But also very global – we represent at least ten different countries and dozens of languages.   

Our worship is traditional with a small ‘t’ but with an informal feel. There’s reverence, thoughtfulness and laughter in near about equal measure.

There's a place for everyone at St. Catherine's, whether you are a committed Christian or right on the edges of faith. St Catherine’s is your local Anglican church whether you have just moved into the neighbourhood or have lived here for years.  

St Catherine’s strives to be welcoming, inclusive and faithful. We hope you feel at home. 

Our regular services at the church are: