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Holy Week is the most important week of the Church's Year and I encourage all of you to try and mark Holy Week by coming to at least one service before Easter Sunday.

For full details of our Holy Week and Easter Programme, please click here.

The services in Holy Week are there to help you travel on a journey to Good Friday and through to Easter Sunday. To travel on that journey of Jesus' final days can be an incredibly moving and spiritual experience.

That's why I encourage you to Make Holy Week Matter.

Easter Sunday services are at 8am and 10am.

Please read the flyer. If you have any questions, get back to me.


St Catherine's Church
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A Word Of Welcome

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Easter Sunday 16th April - Services at 8am & 10am
He is risen! Ring the bells!

Welcome to our church

We are a warm and friendly church with a really diverse congregation in every way imaginable.

We are very local – linked with a myriad of things in this community. But also very global – we represent at least ten different countries and dozens of languages.   

Our worship is traditional with a small ‘t’ but with an informal feel. There’s reverence, thoughtfulness and laughter in near about equal measure.

There's a place for everyone at St. Catherine's, whether you are a committed Christian or right on the edges of faith. St Catherine’s is your local Anglican church whether you have just moved into the neighbourhood or have lived here for years.  

St Catherine’s strives to be welcoming, inclusive and faithful. We hope you feel at home. 

Our regular services at the church are:

Mothering Sunday

I am not a mum.

But I am a daughter.

And I know a lot of mums.

So I want to start today’s sermon by saying a heartfelt thank you. Thank you to my mum for giving me life and for all the support and love since then.

And thank you to all the mums I know. I’ve got to be honest and say that I find mums heroic – I want to thank them for all the sleepless nights, the selfless care, the putting their kids first, the creativity, the organisation, the fun, the humour, the cheerleading, the guiding, the encouragement, the wisdom, the nursing, the scolding – it’s not quite 24/7 – but it practically is.

More …

Holy Week
9 to 16 April 2017

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. But to get the most out of Easter, you need to engage with the whole story of Jesus journey to the cross.

Palm Sunday and Holy Week enable you to do that. Do all you can to come to at least one mid-week service in Holy Week. The more you engage, the greater the spiritual journey will be.

You can find all the details of Holy Week services here.

Holy Week