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St Catherine's Church
Pepys Road

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Advent. A chance for holy pausing

Advent is about waiting, watching, stopping, preparing.

It's Advent Sunday this Sunday, 27th November.

Come and take stock, come and worship, come and get ready.

Keeping a good and holy Advent is a great way of not letting consumerism and greed take too strong a hold - just take a bit of time out to pray, appreciate, stop.

Come this Sunday and make some soul space for joy, peace and love.

[And store it in your soul... so that you don't fight anyone in Sainsbury's this year for that last box of crackers]

See you at 10am. Everyone welcome.


A Word Of Welcome

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St Catherine’s Church, 16th July, 7pm

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Welcome to our church

We are a warm and friendly church with a really diverse congregation in every way imaginable.

We are very local – linked with a myriad of things in this community. But also very global – we represent at least ten different countries and dozens of languages.   

Our worship is traditional with a small ‘t’ but with an informal feel. There’s reverence, thoughtfulness and laughter in near about equal measure.

There's a place for everyone at St. Catherine's, whether you are a committed Christian or right on the edges of faith. St Catherine’s is your local Anglican church whether you have just moved into the neighbourhood or have lived here for years.  

St Catherine’s strives to be welcoming, inclusive and faithful. We hope you feel at home. 

Our regular services at the church are:

The US Presidential Election

Dear All,

I know that we will all be shocked by recent news about the US Presidential Election and have a mix of feelings and reactions: despair, fear, anger, desolation, resolve.

I don't have answers or solutions. But I know that I want to make space for prayer, solidarity and community. So this Sunday at noon we will hold a short service of prayer for Peace and Justice - details attached. This will follow the main service at 10 am, which is Remembrance Sunday. (Coffee will be served between 11.30-12 noon). Even if you can't make it, I wonder if you might light a candle for peace where you are sometime during the day. All are welcome.

I also got this email this morning from a member of St Catherine's and just wanted to share it with you (with her permission.) It just echoed so much of what I know I'm feeling and you will be too.

Dear Sheridan

I found myself praying last night. Unexpectedly, I just realised I was.  It made me see how long it is since I have really prayed.  When it is prayer the feeling is so different to just deciding to think about something really hard. It is uncomfortable and intimate - as if God was challenging me, rather than me leaning, child-like, on God.

My prayer as I phrased it was not answered by the night's events.  So I need to find a new prayer.  One which is about learning resilience and that working for what I believe to be right can never be over.  Trying to find my own strength then helping others find theirs.

What a lot of work there is to do (and with a new baby just about to arrive, what a challenge to find out what it is that I can do).

See you Sunday.


Peace be with you.