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This year is unusual as Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, so I wanted to explain to everyone the pattern of the services.

Christmas Eve (Sunday)

At 8am there is a reflective, said Holy Communion. This is small and there are no hymns/carols. It's in the side chapel and there are normally around 6 people. It's in traditional language (thee/thou) and is a beautiful, intimate, quiet service of Holy Communion.

At 10am is the Morning Worship with hymns, carols, prayers and a sermon but NO holy communion. Everyone is welcome to this service, but there is no special provision for children today.

4pm starts the Crib Service  and this is a VERY LIVELY and BUSY service for young children (0-10) and their families and friends. We tell the nativity story, build the crib, sing carols and make quite a lot of noise.

At 11pm (not at midnight!) we start Midnight Mass. This is a service of Holy Communion to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's a candlelit service of Holy Communion, with carols, hymns, a sermon and Holy Communion. It is very beautiful.

Christmas Day (Monday)

We open the day at 8am with a reflective, said Holy Communion and at 10am is the Parish Christmas Eucharist - a service for absolutely everyone - an inter-generational service of carols, solos, a sermon - with serious bits and interactive bits for the children and Holy Communion. It will last an hour and be followed by tea, coffee, mince pies and good cheer.

Our services are open to everyone. We're really looking forward to seeing you over the Christmas period.

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All good wishes,


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A Word Of Welcome

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Blue Christmas Wednesday 14th December 8.00pm
Because Christmas can be tough sometimes.


Welcome to our church

We are a warm and friendly church with a really diverse congregation in every way imaginable.

We are very local – linked with a myriad of things in this community. But also very global – we represent at least ten different countries and dozens of languages.   

Our worship is traditional with a small ‘t’ but with an informal feel. There’s reverence, thoughtfulness and laughter in near about equal measure.

There's a place for everyone at St. Catherine's, whether you are a committed Christian or right on the edges of faith. St Catherine’s is your local Anglican church whether you have just moved into the neighbourhood or have lived here for years.  

St Catherine’s strives to be welcoming, inclusive and faithful. We hope you feel at home. 

Our regular services at the church are:

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
Carol Service - Sunday 17th December

Carol Service 2017.movDear All,

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came to the Carol Service last Sunday. We were over 150 people, all singing our hearts out. It was a beautiful evening that was so lovely that I almost want to do it all again next week.

Thank you to all the readers, musicians, mulled wine makers, mince pie providers and to the congregation - you were all top notch. Thank you to everyone who was there and who made it so special.

A number of people have emailed me about fundraising, so if you want to read the full story, go to the Telegraph Hill Centre web site or, if you want to donate then simply click on the link below, taking care to ensure that we are able to claim Gift Aid when you are prompted.:

The story is that we're raising £30K to reboot our reserves having replaced the heating system in the Centre in Autumn 2016. We raised nearly £24K so far (through a mix of park runs, concerts and generous giving) from the church membership and the local community.

It's been very moving and we're so close to hitting that target. This is a joint fundraising project between the Telegraph Hill Centre and St Catherine's Church who jointly shelled out over £80K for the new heating systems, for the entire building. Making sure we're warm and happy for another 25 years or so!

So if you'd like to give us a little Christmas present, then please click on that link above.

Merry Christmas and all good wishes,



The snow

began slowly,

a soft and easy


of flakes, then clouds of flakes

in the baskets of the wind

and the branches

of the trees -

oh, so pretty.

We walked

through the growing stillness,

as the flakes

prickled the path,

then covered it,

then deepened

as in curds and drifts,

as the wind grew stronger,

shaping its work

less delicately,

taking greater steps

over the hills

and through the trees

until, finally,

we were cold,

and far from home.

We turned

and followed our long shadows back

to the house,

stamped our feet,

went inside, and shut the door.

Through the window

we could see

how far away it was to the gates of April.

Let the fire now

put on its red hat

and sing to us.

Mary Oliver from “Why I Wake Early”

Orange-rinded, hard and heavy in its pith

the pomegranate gives up its jewelled seeds

to be winkled out, like hard-won wisdom.


My father stands at the head of the table

bread-keeper, loaf-ward, conducting tea-time

operations with toasters, kettles, clementines.


Last year's ugly doorknob of an amaryllis bulb

once more does the unthinkable: a glossy green sword

pierces potted earth and gleams into flower.

The small flat weight of a brass key in my palm

says I've come home; flung loose, and drawn again

into the old, familiar orbit.

Stumbling back from the pub on Christmas eve

we look up and see a field of frosty stars.

In a few hours the world will tip to morning.


Ribbons of red crepe suspended from the beams

hang a foil-embossed king, trembling amongst

the other cards in currents of heated air.


A night-light flickers in its papered jar.

A lit beauty, consuming but contained:

Flesh and blood, all flame: O Immanuel.

Katherine Venn

Seven Advent Antiphons